Paediatric First Aid Training for the child care profession - 12 hours (2 days) - ref -

This course is designed for individuals, organisations and charities that have a personal or professional responsibility caring for children. The content of this Paediatric First Aid course meets the OFSTED statutory requirements for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This course will equip you with a fantastic life skill and peace of mind when caring for children

Call for price Duration 2 days

Topics covered within Paediatric First Aid:

    • Planning for first aid emergencies
    • Dealing with emergencies
    • Adult, child and baby resuscitation guidelines and procedures
    • Recognising and dealing with shock
    • Recognising and responding appropriately to anaphylactic shock
    • Recognising and responding appropriately to electric shock
    • Recognising and responding appropriately to bleeding
    • Responding appropriately to burns and scalds
    • Responding appropriately to choking
    • Responding appropriately to suspected fractures
    • Responding appropriately to head, neck and back injuries
    • Recognising and responding appropriately to cases of poisoning
    • Responding appropriately to foreign bodies in eyes, ears and noses
    • Responding appropriately to eye injuries
    • Responding appropriately to bites and stings
    • Responding appropriately with effects of extreme heat and cold
    • Responding appropriately to febrile convulsions
    • Recognising and responding appropriately to the emergency needs of children with chronic medical conditions including: - epilepsy, asthma, sickle cell, diabetes
    • Recognising and responding appropriately to meningitis and other serious sudden illness
    • Appropriate contents of a First Aid Box/Kit
    • Recording of Accidents

Throughout this course our instructors will simulate incidents using resuscitation manikins and various First Aid scenarios. Certification is dependent on successful continuous assessment of each candidate; there is no formal examination for this course. Candidates that complete the course, and are deemed to have reached the required standard, will be issued with certificate. Certification is valid for three years

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